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Industrial Tank Cleaning Solutions from Gamajet

Gamajet tank cleaners Gamajet Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Many industries in the Pacific Northwest benefit from utilizing the Gamajet tank cleaning system – especially wineries. Gamajet technology uses a rotary impingement system that projects powerful jets of water that rotate 360 degrees in a repeatable pattern. Cleaning is accomplished at the point of jet impact by using hot water rather than chemicals to achieve temperatures upwards of 190° that can sanitize a bottling line or quickly cleans the interior of any size tank or barrel.

Barrel cleaning: The Gamajet system saves more time and water than standard barrel cleaning. The Gamajet machine is inserted through the bung hole and powered by a pressure washer. In under 4 minutes the machine will have indexed the interior of the barrel, producing 5 lbs of force to remove tartrates without harming the barrel. Gamajet's barrel cleaning machines require 3.5 - 6.0 GPM to clean a barrel, meaning as little as 14 gallons of water is needed to clean an entire barrel! That’s the equivalent of running your standard hose for 64 seconds. Start saving water today, try a Gamajet combined with a Hotsy pressure washer!
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Storage Tank Cleaning: Gamajet can also remove sludge and contaminants from storage tanks – both above and underground. Often dangerous and expensive to clean, contract cleaning services are now using the Gamajet X to clean all sizes of tanks without cutting or snaking.
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Porta Potty Cleaning: The Gamajet IX can be used with a pressure washer for fast and thorough cleaning of any portable restroom, off or on-site. The partial system comes with a quick connect stand, for cleaning the cabin, a splashguard for cleaning of the holding tank, the Gamajet IX as well as a connector for suction.
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Municipal Wet Wells and Lift Stations: Eliminate confined space entry into sewer wet wells. A typically lift station takes nearly two hours to clean with the use of a three man team. With a Gamajet time can be cut to 30 minutes with one guy, meaning you can take on more jobs, doing more and making more per day.
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If you’d like to learn more about the Gamajet tank cleaning system, please contact a team member at American Equipment Company today in Portland, OR. We serve numerous wineries in the Willamette Valley and beyond.