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Financing Options for Equipment

When you need equipment but don’t have the capital, consider a lease agreement. We offer many equipment financing options for business owners. Whether you are in need a pressure washer or are installing a self-serve car wash, American Equipment Company will help to find the right resources for your venture. Leasing and SBA support is our specialty.

Typical equipment leases only require one or two months deposit up front, with approved credit. Instead of a loan where you rent money upfront to pay for equipment, a lease option means you rent the equipment instead. It’s a smart choice for a business and there are many advantages, such as no interest and tax breaks.

We work with several leasing companies to find a leasing option that will meet your needs. We can tailor the program with a monthly payment that fits within your budget.

To learn if an equipment lease is right for you, give us a call or stop by our office in Portland, OR.