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Hot Water Pressure Washers – the fastest and most efficient way to pressure clean

Hot water pressure washers

Why choose a hot water pressure washer? They are the most powerful and effective washers on the market. Hot water cleans much deeper and faster than a cold water washer because the hot water can penetrate oily, greasy residues. It’s similar to how hot water cleans greasy dishes in the sink - cold water simply can’t cut it.

American Equipment Company is the Oregon and SW Washington dealer for Hotsy and Kärcher hot water pressure washers. Available in a variety of formats, from portable to stationary, and electric powered to gas engine models, these hot water washers are the most rugged commercial units on the market today.

Hotsy industrial-grade hot water pressure washer features:

  • Hotsy hot water pressure washers are equipped with unsurpassed warranties – backed by a 7-year warranty on the high-pressure pump and 5-year warranty on the heating coil
  • Built with quality construction - Hotsy pressure washers have welded frames and polyethylene tanks that don’t rust!
  • Durable high-pressure pump featuring NESTechnology, which increases seal life and stability
  • Long lasting performance and safety - Hotsy washers are ETL-certified and have been engineered for safety for over 40 years
  • Upright heating coil designed for efficient heating and energy usage, producing hotter water, which cleans better
  • Hotsy’s hold their value and are known for long-life when maintained properly

Kärcher commercial class hot water pressure washer features:

  • Kärcher brand washers come in portable and stationary models
  • Sleek, compact design with high performance engineering
  • High pressure and high flow rates make Kärcher pressure washers effective on the hardest, caked on dirt
  • Easy handling by a single individual - single button controls allow for fast completion of each job
  • Convenient and simple hot water cleaning design – Kärcher’s integrated tank, chassis, and hose reel create a compact, easy-to-manage product
  • Exhaust-free models - great for hospitals, hygiene rooms, canteen kitchens, and public baths

We offer free demonstrations of our power washers at your place of business or please stop by our NW Portland location. Companies in Corvallis, Albany, Eugene, Bend, Vancouver and Pendleton have chosen Hotsy pressure washers for their cleaning needs. Call us now to schedule toll-free from Oregon and Southwest WA ONLY at 800-233-2425