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Sales and Service for Car Wash Systems

Considering an automated car wash system? Investors and business owners alike turn to American Equipment Company for their car wash equipment, service and supplies. We provide reliable, hassle-free, service and support 24/7.

Whether you’re starting a car wash from the ground up or need service to an existing system, we have the knowledge and expertise you can count on. We sell the top lines of equipment: Self serve car wash equipment from Jim Coleman Car Wash and full service car washers from MacNeil Car Wash. We will work with your building contractor to install equipment and be there when you need service.

Car wash systems

Jim Coleman Self Serve Car Wash: innovation and technology

Jim Coleman self-service car washes offers a full line of car wash equipment for gantry style or touch free cleaning, including vacuums, awnings, vending machines, auto cashiers and card acceptors. Self serve car washes need very little maintenance, have low labor requirements, and yield high income. The all stainless steel automatic car wash provides the longest life in the industry.

Jim Coleman Car Wash equipment delivers an enhanced customer experience with features such as:

  • An interactive 13-inch touch screen entrance controller to make setup and wash simple, easy, and fast
  • A powerful pre-soak system and independently moving high pressure nozzles to clean hard to reach places
  • Rocker panel blasters that take care of wheels, tires, and lower parts of the vehicle
  • Optional bug pass for extra cleaning to remove even the most stubborn, stuck on debris
  • Shampoo and vacuum units for increased revenue when bays are full
  • Electronic vending islands for convenient access to cleaners, tire foam, cloths, etc. to complete your customer’s car care needs
  • Payment kiosks at the car wash entrance
Car wash systems

MacNeil Car Wash - Full service automatic car wash technology

Designed and engineered to handle your full service car wash needs, MacNeil Car Wash uses conveyor, or tunnel wash systems that can wash up to 100 vehicles per hour. Lower per vehicle operational costs, and improved customer experience and satisfaction, means higher income and the success of your venture

MacNeil Car Wash systems come with features such as:

  • High conveyor speeds that clean vehicles, quickly reducing consumer wait time and increasing the number of customers served each day
  • Use careful design with proper cleaning pressures, offering long life and better performance
  • Quiet, electric drive system that saves money with efficient use of electricity and lower operational costs - we have cut over 30% off our customers electric bills
  • Provides a gentle and safe wash that prevents vehicle damage
  • Corrosion resistant hardware and bearings to eliminate bearing failure and extend life, reducing overall maintenance costs

Satisfied return customers make a business thrive
Give your customers in Oregon and SW Washington an experience to remember with car washers from Jim Coleman Car Wash and MacNeil Car Wash. Creative innovation using ever-developing technology, makes each customer return time and again for their complete car wash needs.

24 Hour Service and In-Stock parts availability makes American Equipment Company the best choice to support those needs.
We offer financing options to help you find the right resources for your car wash investment. Leasing and SBA support is our specialty. Please contact a member of our sales staff for an on-site evaluation. Call our Portland location direct at (503) 283-4011.